Stamps & Stamps

Kate Stamps

Odom Stamps

Odom Stamps has a master’s degree in Architecture from Tulane University. He was born and raised in New Orleans and attended Isidore Newman School. Odom studied traditional architecture at Tulane and carries with him a great love for the richness of historic buildings.

Kate has a bachelor’s degree in History of Art and in English Literature from Tulane University. She was born in Southern California, where her Midwestern parents lived briefly and which they detested. The family moved back to a small town in Southeastern Michigan, where Kate was raised. Kate started out her University years in London and has had a lifelong connection with England.

Odom and Kate met at Tulane. After they married, they lived in New Orleans for ten years, where they had their daughter, Emma. When Emma was three, the Stamps moved to Los Angeles, where they still live.

After working with other firms, Odom and Kate started Stamps & Stamps in 1991. They work together and independently and agree that their strongest and most interesting projects are the ones they undertake in partnership.

Odom and Kate travel extensively and have completed projects in Argentina, Canada, Norway, England and Ireland. Their projects in the U.S. are coast to coast, from Southern California to Oregon, Washington State, Texas, Louisiana, Washington D.C. and Virginia.

Most of Stamps & Stamps work is residential, split between newly designed houses and renovations of historic structures. In addition, they have designed multi family housing, hotels and commercial structures.