Stamps & Stamps creates luxurious upholstered furniture. We use the finest materials, and our designs are executed with meticulous care.

Stamps & Stamps Upholstered Furniture

Stamps & Stamps Upholstered Furniture is designed to express our single-minded passion for comfort and quality and attention to bespoke detail. Inspired by the craftsmanship of the finest English furniture makers of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, Howard and Sons, Kate and her workrooms build on the details derived from the finest classics to create updated pieces for her client’s homes.

The construction is unparalleled. Frames are handmade from English Beechwood or American oak, using mortise and tenon joints and some dowelling, finished with natural glues. All rails are edge chamfered to prevent wear to fabrics. Legs are formed of Sapelli, a renewable hardwood from the mahogany family, or other hardwoods.

Our English craftsmen finish the legs with a hand rubbed French polish to give a warm glow to the wood. The steel coil springs are handmade in Gloucestershire and tied thrice over black and white linen jute webbing to achieve the desired level of comfort and ensure a long lifetime of use. The fillings in our sofas and chairs are of the highest quality, natural, long staple horsehair and and down sourced from European and Canadian ducks are mixed with only 5% feathers to prevent knots and and binding are encased in fustian, a fabric made for us in Lancashire, which creates a soft but durable case for the cushions. We still had set upholstery tacks, and we use linen and jute close woven hessians and scrims on the backs, seats and arms of our pieces.

These pieces are designed to become new classics, timeless upholstered furniture of impeccable comfort designed to last through generations.