Stamps and Stamps, Inc. is a multi-disciplined firm, founded in 1991. We are
engaged in the business of designing mostly traditional style houses, interiors
and gardens. Architectural design work includes historic restorations,
sensitive renovations that closely match existing construction and original
house design. In the past twenty years, the firm has undertaken over 300
projects around the world.

It is our philosophy that all three aspects of residential design–architecture,
interiors, and gardens–should be conceived together to create a coherent and
intelligent home. We specialize in the creation of traditional spaces from the
austere to the exotic–Andalusian casas to American farmhouses–from formal
neoclassical residences to Turkish yalis. Attention to detail, proportion, and
above all, appropriateness, inform each of our projects.

Co-founded by Kate and Odom Stamps, the firm also includes three architects,
two interior designers, a purchasing agent, as well as an array of civil,
structural, mechanical and electrical engineer consultants. In addition to their
design responsibilities, Odom is the President and business manager, while
Kate directs the interior design, decoration and landscape design services.